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One Membership, 10 x Benefits.


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on boring incentives, awkward lunches, expensive DnD etc.


Let Joyscape provide you an affordable alternative.
One that you yourself will truly appreciate.


Why should you care?

Taking care of employees improves reputation, retain talents and draws in good candidates.

Focusing on employee well-being improves productivity and service quality.

Improved staff performance = improved bottom line & goodwill within your organization.

How does it work?

Our mission is to provide a holistic incentive program that will not only increase your staff’s performance, and also improve their overall quality of life, including that of their families.  We provide meaningful incentive options for you and your staff:

Paid time off:

Sponsored attraction tickets, activities and tours for your staff and their families.

Corporate outings:

Wide range of corporate outing options to facilitate staffs communications & team bonding.

Family entertainment:

Individual Joyscape annual membership that provides highly discounted attraction tickets, credit cash back and monthly rewards.

Health Programs:

e.g. lunch & learn talks, seminars, workshop, yoga classes.

Bespoke Family Day

for the entire company and staff families.


A sincere gift of time & support

We don't need another corporate gift or a hamper of unwanted things. But we all desire more time spent with friends, family & health. Give a gift of time by helping your staff and clients spend time off to rejuvenate, refresh and spend times with loved ones.


A token truly appreciated

There are ways to thank your staff and clients for their support. But what do people really want? Love it forward. Help them spend meaningful times with loved ones, and build relationships that matter for life.


Caring engagement

Building synergy with your staff is not all about having fun or corporate lunches. Show that you care by helping your staff to take time off and spend meaningful time with loved ones. Give them the freedom to organise cosy team outing is a better way to care.

A Gift of Time & Joy


A Unique Way To Show
That You Care

We believe the best gift we can gift someone is
to help them to take regular time off to rejuvenate,
to spend time with their loved ones and to create memories.

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When you take care of your staff,
they will take care of your business. 

~ Richard Branson

Need an adventure?

You don't have to look too far! Bring your whole company on an adventure with


Spend time with family?

There are 300 options on Joyscape for you, your staff and their families!


What employees really want?

It's not just about money. Benefits such as subsidised trips and activities are high on local employees' wish lists. ~ Poll by ST Jobs. Find these on

Myths & FAQs
Staff benefits are costly. We can’t afford them.
The cost of replacing an employee is in fact one of the highest hidden cost to businesses that goes unaccounted for. It can reach to 1.5–2.0x the employee’s annual salary for top candidates. It is much less expensive to keep employees than it is to find and onboard new ones. What’s worst, studies have shown that high staff turnoveris detrimental to businesses on many fronts – reduced productivity, additional time to company, additional training cost, negative effect on team dynamics and morale etc.

Staff benefits are standard MOM requirements. They have no real positive effect on my staff.
When employees know that their employers are invested in their personal welfare in a tangible way, it’s a sign of respect and appreciation from their management. It is meaningful to them and they are less likely to leave the company. And the mutual respect and appreciation go both ways.
Studies have also shown that working long hours reduce productivity and creativity.  Encouraging your staff to go on leave is a way to improve their performances at work. Sponsoring them tickets and vacation discounts is a good way to not only optimise their performance when they return, but also a good way to show that the company cares.

How much does it cost me to show that I care? 
Joyscape annual incentive costs less than that of a buffet!  And you only need a minimum of 15 pax to start a corporate plan to activate all features of the program for you and your staff.