Travelling with kids – Top Vacation Spots in Asia to Consider!

Travelling with Kids

Just like you wish to break free from the daily home-to-office-and-back rut sometimes, your kids look for a change too. Besides sending them to school and engaging them in extra-curriculum activities, you need to stimulate their minds in different ways—something more than what books, cartoon films, video games, and sports do.

If you are wondering how, then, perhaps going on a vacation is an option you should consider. You may frequently be travelling on work, but a trip with your better half and kids will seem like a gust of fresh air. Here are the benefits of planning an annual vacation with your little ones (if you haven’t ever):

Travel with kids - benefits for your kids

  • Your kids become more responsible and independent

From planning their school’s schedule to keeping track of itineraries to packing up all essential belongings, a travel plan can kindle a sense of independence in your kids. They become more responsible by learning to take care of their belongings and navigating new roads, airports and places.

  • Your kids’ grades improve

Vacations come with new adventures, which give your kids an opportunity to learn new things. It arms them with practical and experiential knowledge of things by encouraging new physical and social interactions. Also, studies have shown that travelling can boost your child’s brain development and make them smarter at school.

  • Your kids connect with you

Travelling gives kids a chance to connect not only with themselves but also with their parents and siblings. Both parents and children lead busy lives, often leaving no time to connect for days. A trip together can strengthen the bond you share as a family. Going for a swim, having a laugh or frolicking in the sunshine with your kids will make them feel that you are there for them.

  • Your kids become more patient and tolerant

A holiday plan makes your kids burst with excitement, making them feel like whisking away to the destination right away. But it can only happen on the planned date. Till then, your kids have to wait for the day to come patiently. Travelling to places that are completely different from where you live now also makes your kids more tolerant to new situations, especially in terms of climatic adaptation and food habits.

  • Your kids can decide better

Travelling is seen to improve the decision-making ability of kids. Planning a trip requires you and your kids to make choices. From the travel destination to the mode of transport to accommodation, your kids also have a say in it. After all, the trip is meant primarily for them. The planning process opens different choices for them and improves their decision-making ability when they have to settle on one particular favourite.


Vacation spots you can reach in less than five hours from Singapore

So, are you ready for a vacation with your family? If you are in Singapore and wish to get away from the city’s urban din, you have many greener pastures to seek recluse in. Here are a few destinations that you can reach in just a few hours from Singapore and spend a memorable family vacation:

  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia

If intellectual heritage and vibrant arts appeal to you and your kids, Yogyakarta is the place you should add to your list. The city is no less than Indonesia’s soul with customs and traditions still thriving in an urbanised scenario. The proliferous malls and food chains make the city one of the coolest and most lovable of all family travel destinations. Jogja Bay Waterpark, Taman Pintar Science Park, Imogiri Pine Forest, Gembira Loka Zoo, and De Mata Trick Eye 3D Museum are few of the many kid-friendly local attractions you should undoubtedly visit when in Yogyakarta.

  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia
    Travelling with kids - Hello Kitty

Kuala Lumpur and Penang have numerous fun-filled activities, but Johor Bahru is no less. Johor harbours activities that your kids will never get enough of. You can visit farms to see real animals, or you can hop by Legoland, or to visit Hello Kitty and Thomas the Train at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town. You can also visit Angry Birds Activity Park for a fun filled day of games, and then finish the day off with shopping at 1/3 the price you will pay in Singapore!

  • Taipei, Taiwan

    Travel with kids - Pingxi Sky Lantern
    Experience the famous Pingxi Sky Lantern


    Visit the old Taipei with your kids

The capital city of Taiwan beckons families to witness some of the most exciting places in the world. Are your kids hungry for a bite? Head out to Yongkang Street to try out some delicacies at the eateries and restaurants there. If history intrigues your kids, then the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall are a must-visit. Do drop by Daan Park to indulge your kids in some fun sports. Does your kid fancy a Panda? Then Taipei Zoo is the place you must go for your kid to spot one. Else, head out to see Taipei’s past at Shifen Old street and experience the famous Pingxi Sky Lantern.

  • Hong Kong
    Travel with kids - Disneyland Hong Kong

Known for its towering skyscrapers and ultramodern urbanscape, Hong Kong is a gem of a place for kids. If you grew up watching Mickey Mouse, you could give a glimpse of this iconic character to your kids at Hong Kong Disneyland. Give them some adventure-time in the sea-themed Ocean Park Hong Kong or take them to Fuk Wing Street in Sham Shui Po for some toy shopping. The Hong Kong Park and Science Museum are two other places which you should certainly add to your list of places to visit in the city.

  • Sky Mirror, Malaysia

    Travel with kids - go Sky Mirror Malaysia
    Travel with kids – go Sky Mirror Malaysia – Courtesy

If you have a beach vacation in mind, Sky Mirror, Malaysia (Sasaran Beach) stores experiences that you cannot forget. If you visit this place, you are sure to witness the rarity that nature offers. This island, located in Straits of Malacca Sea, creates a unique phenomenon when you can witness a mirror reflection of the sky. It’s pure science, but a wondrous marvel you should check out with your kids. You won’t be able to forget it for days to come.

Asia’s five best family vacation destinations

Hang on; the list isn’t over yet. Here are a few places that have topped the list of best family vacation destinations:

  • Tokyo

    Travel with kids go disneyland tokyo
    Must go Disneyland (Tokyo) for young and old kids


    Travel with kids go Sanrio Tokyo
    Meet your favourate cartoon character including Hello Kitty, My Melody Kiki & Lala and Gudetama at Sanrio Puroland

Japan’s bustling capital treasures a plethora of attractions that both you and your kids will love. Besides the Shibuya Walking Food Tour for foodies, Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market is worth visiting for witnessing a tuna auction. Tokyo Disneyland, National Museum of Nature and Science, Fire Museum, Ueno Zoo, Legoland Discovery Center, Sanrio Puroland and Joypolis Entertainment Center are few of the many must-visits in Tokyo when vacationing with kids.

  • Shanghai

    Travel with kids and go Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
    The Curious Place of Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

China’s most prominent commercial hub is meant for families of different sizes and demographics. When travelling with kids, you are likely to come across some fascinating places that will steal your kids’ hearts. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai 3D Magic Fun House, Shanghai Natural Wildlife Insect Kingdom, Oriental Pearl Tower and not to forget, Shanghai Disneyland are places you shouldn’t miss out when in this Chinese city.

  • Amman, Jordan

    Travel with kids and learn history
    Travel with kids and learn history – Roman Amphitheater

Amman is rich in historic ruins but is also filled with kid-friendly attractions and activities. Visit the Royal Automobile Museum if your kids fancy cars. They would love to see vintage cars still standing the test of time. Children’s Museum, The Citadel and Roman Amphitheater are just a few sites that you should visit to make history a little more interesting for your kids.

  • Phu Quoc, Vietnam

    Vinpearl Safari,
    See beautiful animals at Vinpearl Safari

Known for its lavish resorts and white-sand beaches, Phu Quoc gives families with kids a warm welcome with its unique adventures and energetic activities. Vinpearl Safari, Vinpearl Land, Hon Thom Cable Car, Phu Quoc Waterfall and Ong Lang Beach is a short list of places but should be there in your plans for sure.

  • Mussoorie, India

Tucked away amidst the majestic Himalayas, Mussoorie is a go-to hill station for both Indians and foreigners because of its reinvigorating air and numerous attractions. From an art museum like Soham Heritage & Art Centre to wildlife hub spots like Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve to scenic spots like Cloud’s End, you will never fall short of things to see and do when in this Kumaoni gem.

Travel checklist items that don’t get the attention they deserve

While travelling with your kids, you may miss out certain important aspects in the heat of your excitement. It’s completely natural, especially if you are doing all the planning yourself. Here are a few tips to make your travel more convenient:

  • Print your boarding passes in advance.
  • Tell your kids what to expect at the security gate at the airport if they are flying for the first time.
  • Taking advantage of early boarding is good.
  • Carry foods that your kids are comfortable with. Don’t forget to put your kid’s favourite toy in the bag to make them feel secure during the trip.
  • Organise your stuff with the help of packing cubes.
  • Make sure you check out the local cuisines if your kid is allergic to certain foods. Do carry prescribed medications to avoid sudden allergy triggers in your kid.
  • Designate a meeting point in case the group separates in the new place.
  • Do look for attitudes towards breastfeeding in public prevailing there.
  • Choose busy eateries where food turnover is fast and sanitary standards are high. Try avoiding buffets to prevent stomach issues.
  • Indulge your kid in collecting paperweights, badges, toys and other artefacts from that place.
  • Always stay connected by taking care of your smartphone and getting a local data SIM card.

Travelling with kids is sure to be a memorable experience if you choose the right place and follow the right travelling tips. Choose a destination that’s affordable, and all of you would love to see. You should research interesting destinations in advance so that you don’t miss out something that’s worth a watch.

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