Travelling with Family – Tips for the Family Holiday Planner!


Travelling would mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a chance to break free from the taxing routine of leaving for work and coming back home without nothing much in between. But for others, travelling to a new place is an opportunity to explore, learn and connect with oneself and loved ones.

Do you have a travel plan with your family in mind? You should definitely go ahead with it. There are a plethora of family-friendly places in and around Singapore where you can enjoy a memorable vacation with your family.  It’s an excellent way to strengthen bonds, provide new learning opportunities to your kids and reinvigorate your entire being. Before you stuff your bags and embark on your voyage, you need to follow a few tips, which are as follows:

The preliminary steps you should take while travelling

Travelling with Families - Budget

  • Determine your budget

Travelling involves some monetary investment, which you should ensure falls within your budget. You should keep the affordability of the place you are visiting in mind so that your desire for leisure doesn’t drain your pocket. Also, you should schedule your travel much in advance so that your dates don’t clash with your kids’ school days or your work plans.

  • Keep your family in the loop

Unless you are travelling solo, you should always discuss your travel plan with everyone in your family. The trip is meant for everyone, including your little ones, and they all have a say in it. You should ask all your family members about places that interest them and what kind of activities they would like to do. This way, the trip proves to be satisfying for everyone.

  • Start booking

Once all of you reach a consensus on the place and activities, you should be an early bird to book flight tickets and hotel accommodations. By doing so, you will benefit from lucrative discounts on bookings and bring your travel cost down. Also, make sure you print copies of your tickets and reservations before the travel date to avoid hassles in the eleventh hour.

  • Addressing the needs of senior family members

Your family may comprise of young and old members, and you have to take care of everyone’s needs while travelling. Are senior members of your family travelling with you? Here are a few tips you should follow to make the trip enjoyable and convenient for them:

  • Get a direct flight

Some places may not have direct flight connectivity and require travellers to hop flights. Such an option may not be convenient for your senior family members. So, you should try looking for a direct flight so that they can get a comfortable travelling experience.


  • Look for disability options

If this applies to your family, you might have to approach a disability service provider. You should call them at least 48 hours before your arrival at your destination so that the service providers can make necessary arrangements. Do consult a doctor and get a confirmation that senior members of your family are fit to travel.


  • Look for a daytime flight

Flying at night has its own charm, especially for kids who love to see everything lit up down. But travelling with senior members may require you to forgo this pleasure. It’s recommended that you choose a daytime flight over red-eye flights so that you reach your destination early and get enough time to prep up for the expedition.


  • Have a checklist of items

With so many aspects to take care of, it’s natural to forget items that are essential for the trip. You should keep a checklist of items that are usually forgotten. A few of these items include an extra pair of glasses, additional batteries for hearing aid, compression socks and gas-relief medications.

  • Hire a private car

If your budget allows you, try going for a private car rental service in the place you are visiting. It’s not always possible for senior members to use public transport there. Hiring a private car will give you more flexibility to explore the place and make the trip more convenient for senior members of your family.

Tips on travelling abroad with kids

Travelling with kids

After you address the travel requirements of senior members, your focus should then move to your kids. Are you wondering how to make travel a comfortable experience for them? Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Create an emergency plan

Emergencies can come about at any time. It’s always wise to prepare for such situations while travelling with your kids. Separating from your kid or losing your way can be a hassling situation. But you can perhaps sail through it if you have designated a common meeting point for everyone to gather, in case they get separated.

  • Teach your kids

Crowded places can intimidate young kids, who may stray from you without your knowledge. You should teach your kid to hold your hand or stick to their elder sibling whenever you visit a crowded spot.

  • Have current photos of your kids

Besides collecting memories, clicking photographs also entails safety factors for your kids. Photographing your kid every morning will help you do away with the need to remember what they were wearing, in case a case of abduction occurs. The latest photograph of your kid will help authorities track him or her down.

Need ideas on vacation spots suitable for travelling with kids? Consider this list!

How to avoid food poisoning?

It’s understandable that you want to taste local cuisines and gorge on rich delicacies, but do you think your stomach will be able to handle it always? No, it can’t. You may suddenly fall sick because you might have, knowingly or unknowingly, eaten something that your stomach can’t digest. Here are a few tips to avoid such a situation:


  • Eat at a busy place where food turnover is quick and safety standards are upheld. Local restaurants are okay as long as you are sure of their cleanliness.
  • Consume vegetables and fruits that have to be peeled. This keeps the risks of contamination and resulting stomach infections at bay.
  • Always buy packaged drinking water to keep yourself hydrated during your trip. You should also carry an electrolyte-fortified liquid or coconut water to replenish your water level in case you get a mild infection.


As a general safety tip, men should always keep their wallet in the front pocket when travelling to places that are considered less safe than Singapore. Women should consider wearing a cross-body purse to prevent anyone from snatching it away.

Relatively inexpensive foreign vacation destinations from Singapore

If you are travelling on a budget, you may want to know which places are located close to Singapore that will suit your pocket. Here’s a quick rundown of vacation destinations to make your choice easier:

Johor and Penang, Malaysia

Travelling with family - Legoland

Johor Bahru and Penang are two Malaysian destinations that many Singaporeans love to visit. Both places are known for their rich culture, fun-filled activities and welcoming local people. Whether you are a two-member family or a family with kids, both these destinations have theme parks, shopping malls and art galleries that will appease every kind of traveller. Adventure Zone, Penang Hill and funicular tram ride and Youth Park are few of the many places that Penang has in store for families with kids. If you happen to be in Johor Bahru, make sure you visit Legoland Malaysia, Thomas Town – Puteri Harbour and Puteri Harbour for your kids’ enjoyment.

Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand

Travelling with families - Bangkok

Thailand’s capital Bangkok beckons families to a whole new world of adventures. The Siam Ocean World, Museum of Siam, MBK Mall, Lumpini Park, Dusit Zoo and Chatuchak Weekend Market are places that both you and your kids can’t get enough of. From aquatic adventures to wildlife viewing to shopping, these places in Bangkok are ideally suited to please your senses. You can even head to Phuket to explore its exotic beaches and thrilling amusement parks with your family.

Taipei, Taiwan

Travelling with Families

Taipei never fails to satisfy the wanderlust of Singaporeans. The city has an affluent culture, which many people don’t know about. If you are travelling with your family, Yongkang St, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Daan Park, Maokong Gondola, Taipei Zoo and National Palace Museum are a few places you should add to your itinerary. From satiating the gastronome inside to giving a glimpse of the country’s history and culture to opening up a sea of artefacts to add to your bag, all these places in Taipei can provide you and your kids a vacation of a lifetime.

The island of Boracay, The Philippines

Travelling with families - Boracay

Lastly, the island of Boracay in The Philippines is a destination that every Singaporean loves to relish. From pristine beaches to adventure sports, the island provides an idyllic setting for everyone in your family to relax and enjoy. You can stroll along the White Beach, gorge on oysters, walk through the Spider House or visit Shangri-La. It’s a great place to unwind from the hustle-bustle of Singapore’s urbanscape.

The places mentioned above are not just family-friendly and exciting but also affordable. Owing to their proximity to Singapore, you can travel to these places with a budget of less than three-thousand dollars for the entire family. No matter what, a travel trip with your spouse and kids to these places will get all of you closer to each other.

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