Animal Resort Singapore – Hidden Animal Paradise for Kids

The Animal Farm Resort Singapore

As anyone familiar with young children can testify—kids are enthralled by animals.

My girl started with dogs at the tender age of two and her fixation with fauna hasn’t stopped since then. What followed was a never-ending demand for animal content, figurines, books, and knowledge.

So we provided.

My hubby and I got our girl books about animals, pictures, and certified internet facts. Like his sister, my little boy is a little animal enthusiast at the tender age of one and half. Both my kids love reading up on animals and watching video of animals.

But knowledge isn’t just about books and words—knowledge is experience, adventure, exploration, and discovery. Luckily, children can meet the animals they daydream about under controlled and safe conditions, so why keep them confined?

The Animal Resort is exactly what I was looking for—a chance for my children to interact with animals in a most charming and engaging way.

Best part? An admission fee of absolutely nothing! Who can say no to free fun?

Keep reading to discover why The Animal Resort is the hidden jewel you and your family were waiting for.


Animal Resort Singapore

The Animal Resort—a small and inconspicuous animal farm in Singapore—is located right by the Seletar West Farmway. Founded in 2002, it overflows with a particular kampong charm that makes it a unique experience for families, mostly those with younger kids.

Seletar West Farmway seems closer to the wilderness than the loud modern life. Its distinctive ulu location provides an authentic adventure-like air to the journey towards The Animal Resort—something my children seemed to love.

It only took a little teasing—and a lot of songs from The Lion King soundtrack—to make them feel we were traveling towards the heart of Africa in a wild escapade.

In a kid’s mind, the kampong spirit of the Seletar West Farmway could be akin to the remotest animal paradise of all.


Arriving at The Animal Resort was not as hard as we had initially thought—or perhaps, the kids’ excitement made the journey far more pleasing than we originally assumed.

After purchasing the animal food—hay, carrots, and an almost never-ending supply of bread—we led the kids towards the animals.

Despite not having lions, tigers or giraffes, The Animal Resort has a big variety of species roaming free on the premises—enough of them to keep the whole family entertained for a few hours, in the constant search for the next one.

The horse can be scary for some kids, but he’s gentle, and there’s an attendant looking after the horse and kids.

The stallion, Pin Number, fascinated all the kids. Other than having the perfect name for a steady supply of puns, it was surprisingly gentle and tame, despite a sign warning about his unfortunate biting habits. While initially wary, I deemed him sweet enough to let my children feed him after doing so myself a couple times. Even my little boy had fun feeding the stallion. Just, don’t touch his head, the hostler advised.

It was, perhaps, the experience they enjoyed the most, enough to become the trending topic back at home for days.

Other than Pin Number, a wide assortment of birds flock around the premises will charm your kids. From the common, like chickens, parrots, geese, to the wildly exotic and appealing to both you and your children, like the magnificent peacock, the beautiful crown crane, and the greedy cassowary.

Animals at the Animal Resort Singapore
The many animals our kids got up close and personal with. 

For younger children, you have a gentler sort of animals—guinea pigs, rabbits and ponds full of fishes and turtles are all the rage.


Odds are that you are wondering: why visit the far-away Animal Resort instead of the bigger and more popular animal attractions, like the Singapore Zoo or the River Safari?

While introducing your children to those incredible locations is a quintessential part of the animal experience in Singapore, fauna tourism for the family is far more than just witnessing exotic animals from a safe distance.


Feeding Fish at animal resort singapore
Feeding fish
Feeding Horse at animal resort Singapore
My boy fed horse and learnt that horse eats carrots and vegetables

We, as parents, must always remember something: children learn by their hands as much as they do by their eyes. Kids love to touch everything as they explore the world around them, so animal farms—while less impressive-looking than grand zoos—are an exceptionally enlightening adventure.

The Animal Resort is perfect for this goal, as it is one of the best animal farms Singapore can offer, providing your family with a more personal and engaging type of experience.


While the kampong air of The Animal Resort is unbelievably charming, it means one bad thing—mosquitoes. Fortunately, the day while we were there, the mozzies kept away. Nonetheless, I would suggest that you stock on that repellent as much as you can. Coat your children in it and get ready for the one animal guest you definitely don’t want around.

The next step is, naturally, animal food. The most essential experience of an animal farm is to feed a cute animal with your own hands, so you shouldn’t venture inside The Animal Resort without a bag full of snacks.

While it might be tempting to bring the animal snacks from home, I highly discourage it—this animal farm has a free entrance, meaning the money spend on the animal food is your contribution to their means for maintenance. Likewise, it’s much safer for your children to feed the animals the food they are used to, and they are reasonably priced at SGD$2 for 3 packs.


What kids can do at the Animal Resort Singapore
Even my 18-mo boy had fun riding car and feeding animals on the Animal Resort.

In my experience, The Animal Resort was a fantastic event for the whole family. The kids enjoyed close interaction with animals; the grandparents also enjoyed a nostalgic visit back to kampong days (and yes, my kids got to hear about their grandparents reminiscing the olden days of kampong).

Not only is the Animal Resort one of the best animal farms in Singapore, but it’s also an adventure, a learning experience, and a break from routine for you and your children.

My family couldn’t stop talking about the visit for a while—my children got to have direct contact with the beauty of nature. After the farm, we headed over to the nearby Jalan Kayu for delicious prata, briyani, otar and prawn noodles.

Sounds like a deal.


Official FB:

Operating hours: They work daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, except CNY Eve & CNY.

Contact phone: +65 6482 1160.

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5 S(798061)

Parking: In the farm.

Getting there:

  • By Bus: 86 opposite Yio Chu Kang MRT Station. Alight at Before Begonia Road, Yio Chu Kang Road, 8 stops later. Then walk 665m to the Seletar West Farmway 5 (See direction)


  • By Car: Along CTE, take Exit 15 Yio Chu Kang Road, onto Yio Chu Kang Road. Follow direction here towards Seletar West Farmway 5.

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