Holiday Camps Coming Up in Singapore February 2019

Holiday Camps Singapore

Overseas travel is not the only way to enrich your kids’ school holidays. In fact, you can never be out of options for your kids’ entertainment because Singapore is bustling with holiday camps all year round.

From cooking to sports, skill development to music, kids can explore n number of avenues at these camps. Let’s take you through a list of holiday camps that are coming up in Singapore:

Sport, nature and outdoor camps

1. Nature Keeper Camp

School Holiday Camps 2019
Image courtesy of National Parks Board

Everyone loves nature, and this camp is just the perfect choice for parents as it would give their kids an opportunity to witness its bounty. The Nature Keeper Camp has a simple objective of turning kids into environmental stewards, along with giving them a holistic entertainment experience that brings together games, nature walks and a range of fun-filled activities.  

What you may like about it:

If you want to expose your kids to the outdoor, this is one great choice. Your kid will not just be exposed to the outdoor, but learn about the environmental issues through guidance of learned guides. The camp fee is also very affordable at $25. Very value for money, you would say.

Where: Set amidst the lush green landscape of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Suitable for: Kids aged 7 to 11 years.

When: The camp is set for the 20th and 27th of November, and 4th of December, between 9 am and 5 pm.

How much: Your kid can attend this camp for $25.

More info: 20/11, 27/11

2. Open Centre

Mindfulness Camp from The Open Centre (S) Pte Ltd on Vimeo.

Yet another camp that takes kids closer to nature is Open Centre’s mindfulness camp, which is a uniquely themed camp bringing animal-watching, altruism, photography and theatre on one platform. The camp seeks to foster the love for the environment in kids, but it is the spiritual development sessions that steal the show. From yoga and mindfulness practices to field trips and horse riding, the daily activities included in the camp will whisk your kid away to a whole new world.

Where: 100 Turf Club Rd, Singapore.

Suitable for: Kids aged 6 to 12 years.

When: The holiday camp is proposed to be organised between November and January 2019. But they also have camps running up to Jul 2019, open for registration now. 

How much: The cost for the entire session falls somewhere between $680 and $730, but you can avail perks by being an early bird.

Contact: 6463-0291  or 9797-0091 or [email protected]

More info:

3. Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA)

There could be a David Beckham or a Michael Owen hidden in your kid and the Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA) provides an outlet for the latent soccer player to ooze out. The little ones can learn a lot about teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship and achieve physical, mental and social development to the fullest.

What you may like about it:

This is a great choice for the little soccer fans and fanatics at home. It can’t get any more premium league than this. And it’s not just about soccer either – kids learn teamwork, sportsmanship through the training, and know what it is like to dedicate themselves to a sports and passion.

Where: Swiss Club, Singapore.

Suitable for: The camp is specially designed for kids aged 2.5 years to 17 years, and gets professional coaches on board to give kids a holistic soccer-playing experience.

When: The camp is set for 17-21 December and 2-4 January.

How much: Here’s the cost to attend the camp:

  • Camp 1: $375 for CUFA and Swiss Club members and $425 for non-members.
  • Camp 2: $225 for CUFA and $255 for non-members.

Contact: +65 9821 3869  or [email protected]

More info:

4. Sport4kids

If you are looking for a holiday camp where your kids can learn new activities, build a new circle of friends and stay active, Sports4kids is the right destination for them. The camp brings together multiple activities and has a nice punch of action and fun. Interactive games, new sports and exciting crafts included in this camp can be peerlessly rewarding for your kid.

What you may like about it: 

If your kids have already showed a specific inkling for a certain sports, this is a great camp to let them immense in the fun of the sports. Your kids get to enroll in soccer, karate, swimming, basketball etc. But even if they isn’t a fan of any particular sports yet, enrolling kids early in a sport expose them to important values of teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication etc. So if you would, have a discussion with your kid, let him or her choose a sport and have a go at it!

Where: The camp is held at three locations, namely Dover Court International School, Turf City and Singapore Sports Hub.

Suitable for: The camp is open to kids between 3.5 and 12 years old.

When: It starts from the mid of October (so, this year, it has already started) and goes on till the first week of January.

How much: Admission to the camp entails a cost of $105 daily or $475 weekly.

Contact: +65 6935 9496 or [email protected]

More info:

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5. Shaws Little League

Holiday camps boost your child’s confidence, and Shaws Little League exemplifies this theory in the best way. Having a fail-proof schedule, your kid can’t get enough of the weekly sessions at this holiday camp. Each activity at this camp is focused on giving kids a 360-degree view of different arenas that are crucial to their development.

Camp Itinerary

9 am Sports session
10 am Cooking and nutrition
10:30 am Art and craft
11 am Sports session
12noon End of day

What you may like about it:

While the camp focus on introducing a wide range of sports to kids, the programs also include cooking, art and craft to balance out the mix. The camp is great for kids who simply love sports and games. But if you are not too sure if your kids are the ‘sporty type’, this is a place where you get to expose them and simply let them explore and have fun.

Where: The camp is held at Bukit Timah and Kallang.

When: You should consider grabbing a slot between 17 and 21 December.

Suitable for: Toddlers to kids as old as 16 years can participate.

How much: You have to pay a sum of $320.

Contact: 6440 9545 or [email protected]

More info:

4. Camp Asia

School holiday camps - Campasia
Image courtesy of Camp Asia Facebook

Give your kids a break from books with this camp that lasts for a month. Camp Asia attracts attendees from all across Asia with its fabulous range of programmes, from tech to sports and everything in between. The camp is also bringing Aviation, Parkour, Drones and Magic in one frame this December.

Where: The camp’s all set to be held at the Australian International School or Stamford American International School.

When: The camp starts from 17th December and goes on till 11th January.

Suitable for: Kids between 3 and 16 are likely to get an enriching experience for sure.

How much: You can pay an all-inclusive price of $650.

Contact: +65 6593 3691 or [email protected]

More info:

6. Discovery Camps

Discovery Camp - School holiday camps singapore
Image courtesy of Discovery Camp
Discovery Camp Singapore
Image courtesy of Discovery Camp

Discovery Camps is an amazing mix of educational, tech and creative subjects. Experienced teachers on the camp ensure that all aspects of health and safety are taken care of—just enough for parents to be convinced that their kids are in safe hands.

What you may like about it:

This is like a buffer spread of courses that crosses multi-disciplines. Depending on your kids age group and your (or your kids’) preferences, your kids can enroll in something creative and expressive like Actor’s Studio, or something more tech like Code Academy and Lego Robotics. If you simply can’t make up your mind, you can sign your kids up for the Multi-activity Camp and let your kids just have fun with Sports, Zumba, Music and Drama.

Where: The camp is set to be held at three convenient locations, namely Lorna Whiston Schools in United Square, Parkway Parade and SJI International School on Thompson Road.

When: The camp is coming to Singapore on 19th November and will last till 4th January 2019.

Suitable for: Kids between 3 and 12 years.

How much: The cost ranges between $595 and $625, but it’s worth spending for your kids.

More info:

Coding & Technology

7. First Code Academy

This is an one-week immersive coding holiday camps for beginner and advanced learners. Kids from age 4 and up can learn programming, and to think by learning to code. There are designed programs for the different age group and concept of coding are taught through fun activities designed specifically based on aptitude of the different age groups.

What you may like about it:

Cubetto playset to learn coding
Cubetto playset to learn coding

The programs incorporate fun ways to teach concept of coding – e.g. the use of Cubetto playset for young children to grasp coding is definitely age appropriate and more fun and interactive than using coding software.  While coding is the focus, the activities are in fact multi-disciplinary. Kids are exposed to design, robotics, critical thinking while learning coding.

Where: The camp is available at different locations depending on the level you are enrolling for. Locations include City Hall (Stamford), Jurong East/Toa Payoh/Tampines (Crestar Learning Centre) and Dempsey Hill

When: The camp happens weekly starting from November to end December 

Suitable for: Kids from 4 to 15 +

How much: The cost varies between $455 (Junior Tech Camp) and $1250 (15+ Entrepreneurs) for 1 week camp

Contact: +65 6820 2633[email protected]

More information:

8. Smarter Me

Smarter me Holiday Camps
Image courtesy of

Welcoming kids aged six to seventeen years, Smarter Me is an intelligent camp that boasts a full spectrum of development opportunities. The camp seeks to equip the little ones with the mindset and skillset to experience success and happiness in the future. You can witness multi-disciplinary camps like Change the World Innovation Camp and Innovation Camp for Juniors coming together here, all of which give kids a glimpse into robotics, coding and entrepreneurship in five days. Designer Camp and Money Matters are other camps that are included in the module.

What you may like about it:

While FirstCodeAcademy focuses on helping kids learn the skills of programming through fun and interactive activities, Smarterme focus on the broader aspects of critical thinking, collaboration etc. Imagine a mini-MBA styled program for kids. Both are great in their own ways, depending on which you prefer and the inkling of your kids. If you want your kids exposed to a collaborative working environment with other kids, this is a good choice.

Where: You can attend this camp at multiple locations like Goodman Arts Centre, Ayer Rajah, Orchard Road and Science Park.

When: The camp happens weekly starting from 19th November all the way through 5th January.

Suitable for: Kids between 9 and 17 years.

How much: The cost varies somewhere between $495 and $595 for the entire course.

Contact: +65 91809791  or [email protected]

More info:

Educational camps

9. Junior CSI

Kids DiscoveryWorks
Image courtesy of Kids DiscoveryWorks.

If your kid fancies Sherlock Holmes or Harriet The Spy, Junior CSI will be an amazing exposure for them. Everyone loves mysteries because it makes us use our greyest of cells to solve it. Your little ones are no different. This camp sets a forensic science unit that allows your kid to learn the ropes of solving crimes (not real ones though) by gaining knowledge of fingerprinting, DNA sample testing, chromatography, forensic chemistry and much more! After the session, your kid is likely to have excellent observation, communication and critical thinking skills—something that can push their grades up in school.

What you may like about it:

For parents who like the kids to have fun and still learn something useful for academic school, Junior CSI is a good choice. Imagine a science classroom enhanced with CSI themed activities, stories and more – this is one big fun lab that makes science fun for the kids.

Where: Upper Thomson Road, Singapore

Suitable for: Kids in the age bracket of 6 and 12 years.

When: The camp is all set for 6-7th and 20-21st of December.

How much: $304 is all you need to pay to get your little one into this holiday camp.

Contact: +65 6931 6989 or +65 9168 6669 or [email protected]

More info:

10. Little Mandarins

School Holiday Camps 2019
Image courtesy of Little Mandarin

Are your kids afraid of learning Chinese? Send them to this incredible language camp which introduces them to Mandarin through themed camps. And guess what, your kid doesn’t require proficiency in Mandarin! Your kid can begin by picking up simple phrases to converse—something that will surely boost their language skills. From speech and drama to storytelling and games, the camp is what your kids should attend to become linguistically adept.

What you may like about it:

Little Mandarin isn’t just about Mandarin. Instead, kids get to learn language while having fun with science and fun tasks. The range of  activities are designed to encourage kids to learn Mandarin as a language for use in daily life, lesser a subject in school.

Where: Loewen Road

When: The camp is starting on November 19 and will go on till 28 December.

Suitable for: Little Mandarin welcomes kids in the age group of 4 and 9 years.

Contact: 6473 8377  or [email protected]

The above are just a few of the many holiday camps that you can consider for your kid. Each of them goes beyond reducing children’s boredom to equip them with critical skills that they require for survival. As such, you should take full advantage of these sessions and take your kid’s overall development a notch higher.

Other Exploratory Fun

11. Camp Kidzania

Holiday Camp - Kidzania Singapore
Image courtesy of Kidzania

Held within the City of KidZania Singapore, this 2D1N overnight camp will give participants the rare opportunity to explore the City like never before as they reverse the role and be an Assistant Zupervisor for a day! Kids will also take part in various exciting and interactive activities as they Work, Learn and Play!

What you may like about it:

Kids love Kidzania, there’s no doubt about it. So if you want to let your kids just have fun, this is a good choice.

Where: Palawan Kidz City. 31 Beach View #01-01/02 Singapore 098008 (Sentosa Beach Station)

When: 7 – 8 December 2018 (Reporting Time on 7 December 2018 9am)

Suitable for: 7 to 15 year old

How much: S$138 (for Public), S$118 (exclusively for Annual Pass Holders and B•KidZanian CitiZens only)

More information:

Tips for Parents

Before you settle on a particular holiday camp, you should consider a few tips which are as follows:

  • Make sure the camp you choose focuses on teaching new skills, building confidence, improving athletic abilities and mixes fun and adventure in the right proportion.
  • Consult other parents to see which camp they are considering for their child.
  • Figure out your budget and stick to it.
  • Book early and ask the camp for deposit or health appraisal requirements.
  • Do put together the essential items like shoes, water bottle and sportswear that your kid may need for the camp.

So, why delay? Brace your kids for the upcoming holidays and immerse them in activities that interest them the most. 

Do you know a holiday camp that is not featured here? Write to us at [email protected] and let us know!

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