Adventurous Activities in Singapore that Will Always Stay With You

adventurous activities in singapore

Singapore is so much more than just lofty building, teeming markets and spic-and-span streets.  There are a good number of reasons why Singapore is a perfect family holiday destination. The island city is a melting pot of cultures and traditions that give you a perfect glimpse of Asia’s richness. Not to forget, it houses the best adventurous activities in the world that prove a treat to thrill-seekers.

Whether it’s the thrilling rides that take you high up in the sky, the never-seen-before underwater activities or the animals in their natural habitats, every aspect of the city will mesmerise you to the core and stay alive in your memory for years to come. The best part- you don’t have to doll out a whopping sum of money to enjoy them!

Adventure in Singapore comes in many flavours

If you are looking for some really exhilarating experiences in Singapore, then here’s a list of places and adventurous activities in Singapore both residents and visitors shouldn’t miss out. Let’s take you through some of these Singaporean adventure gems here.

1. Indoor Sky Diving

Adventurous Activities in Singapore Indoor Sky Diving

If there’s a place in the world that gives you the experience of flying in the air, then it’s Singapore. You always have the option of skydiving, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Don’t be disheartened because iFly Singapore can simulate the whole experience for you, and in a much safer setting.

Although indoors, the air-conditioned wind tunnel provides nothing less than real flying conditions. What’s more interesting to note is that the facility can accommodate a total of twenty flyers at a time. There’s a lot of fun, adventure and flying action awaiting you here.

  • Where: iFlySingapore, Sentosa Island
  • When: 9 am to 9.30 PM (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday), 11 AM to 9.30 PM (Wednesday)
  • How much: $119 ($109 for pre-booking)

2. Water Adventure

Adventurous Activities in Singapore Adventure Cove Waterpark
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Nobody should miss out the marine gems that Singapore stores. If you are looking for a water adventure in Singapore that involves marine watching and thrilling slides, then head to Adventure Cove Waterpark. The journey takes you down Adventure River and through fourteen themed zones.

You can never be short of things to do here; you can either take the water slides, snorkel over twenty-thousand fishes and reefs, or just laze around navigating the river. Not to forget, you may be scared out of your wits as you come face-to-face with sharks.

  • Where: Adventure Cove Waterpark, Sentosa Island
  • When: Daily between 10 AM and 6 PM
  • How much: $26 Child, $36 Adult

3. Forest Obstacle

Forest Obstacle
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You may have participated in obstacle courses before, but Forest Obstacle in Singapore’s Bedok Reservoir Park is something that will make you rethink all your past experiences. After getting a twenty-minute safety briefing, you become nothing less than the legendary Tarzan. From swinging trapezes to climbing elevated bridges to walking on hanging nets, every inch of your body will immerse in the setting.

You shouldn’t miss out the long zip-line, which takes you over a water reservoir. Take up the challenge. You will never regret.

  • Where: Bedok Reserve Park
  • When: 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM on all days except Monday
  • How much: $44 for adults

4. Formula One Adventure

Formula One Adventure Singapore
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If you have only seen the thrilling Formula One events virtually, then perhaps you should be a part of the Formula One Adventure in Singapore. You can sit behind the wheels yourself or let a professional driver take you on a thrilling ride in a Lamborghini or Ferrari. You don’t need previous riding experience as you have professionals sitting behind the wheels. They will whisk you away with a high-speed ride on an official Formula 1 track.

As you speed along, you can spot some of the major attractions here such as the St. Andrews Cathedral, War Memorial, Esplanade Theatre and Anderson Bridge.

  • Where: Marina Bay Sands Hotel or The Singapore Flyer
  • When: Daily between 9 AM and 10 PM
  • How much: $298 to $788

5. Reverse Bungy

Reverse Bungy Adventure Singapore
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Singapore may not have a full-fledged bungee jumping scene like Switzerland or Cape Town, but the Reverse Bungy is a simulation that replicates the thrill. G-Max Reverse Bungy straps and catapults you sixty meters into the air, something that fills you with adrenaline.

The capsule can accommodate five people at a time and moves at a speed of 200 km/hour! It’s incredibly fun and extremely safe. One thing is for sure- this is not meant for the faint heart.

  • Where: Clarke Quay
  • When: Daily at 2 PM
  • How much: $45 per head

6. Night Safari

Night Safari Singapore

You may have seen many zoos by now, but Singapore’s Night Safari is a peerless treat for animal lovers. What’s unique? This tour happens at night and gives you an opportunity to witness more than two thousands nocturnal animals in their natural habitats. You can watch them graze and hunt without a care in the world.

From the swampy Asian Riverine Forest to rugged foothills of Himalayas, you can traverse all the fascinating places enjoying the moonlight. Do add this adventure in Singapore to your list if you are an avid lover of wildlife.

  • Where: Night Safari, Mandai Lake Road
  • When: Daily between 7.30 AM and 12 AM
  • How much: Child $28 and Adult $42

7. River Safari Singapore

River Safari Singapore
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Walking through the wild is fun, but have you ever imagined how it would be to sail through it? If no, then experience it at River Safari Singapore, which is the only river-themed wildlife park in Asia. The safari gives you an opportunity to witness giant pandas, maned wolves and jaguars. There are thousands of other animals waiting for you here besides these three.

Amazon River Quest and Squirrel Monkey Forest are a few places you must visit to check out some really interesting animals. This is a Singaporean attraction that your wildlife-loving kids can’t get enough of.

  • Where: 80 Mandai Lake Road
  • When: Daily between 10 AM and 7 PM
  • How much: $18 for children and $28 for adults

8. Sky Dining

Sky Dining Singapore

Singapore is home to a plethora of dining places, but the Sky Dining experience in Singapore Flyer is something nobody should miss out. Besides a four-course menu and exceptional in-flight hospitality, you can expect to get the mesmerising views of the city’s skyline.

Set atop Asia’s largest observation wheel, the large capsule brings together luxurious dining and fun activities in one frame. Take this flight, and you can experience fun-filled 6D motion ride and super drive along with dining in the sky.

  • Where: Singapore Flyer
  • When: Daily between 8.30 AM and 10.30 PM
  • How much: Child $2, Adult $33 and Family Pack $78

9. Indoor surfing

Indoor surfing Singapore

Singapore’s beaches are known for their surfing activities thanks to the perfect waves that the region experiences. But the giant waves that surfers look for seems to be lacking in the island. This is now compensated for by the Wave House Sentosa, which creates a replica of the real surfing experience. With full-proof safety and strength adjustment, this facility has a barrelling wave that makes surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding possible for families.

Not to forget, you are likely to come across some amazing eateries here where you enjoy meals and drinks with your family. These activities in Singapore are undoubtedly going to excite you to the core.

  • Where: Wavehouse, Sentosa Island
  • When: Daily between 10.30 AM and 10.30 PM
  • How much: Adult $35 to $105

10. Night-time paintball

Night-time paintball Singapore

Test your aiming skills at this shooting gallery, which brings everyone—from adult men and women to youngsters—together for an exciting time. Paintballing in Red Dynasty Paintball requires you to think quickly and act with agility. It’s the first paintball park in the city to provide speedball competition at a regional level.

The place also has two scenario-based fields where both competition and recreational paintball players can play. The game is nothing less than something fantastic.

  • Where: Red Dynasty Paintball Park
  • When: 9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday; 9 AM to 7 PM on weekends
  • How much: Adult $10 to $84.9

11. Cable Skiing

Cable Skiing Singapore

Who said skiing is only possible in the snowy Alpine ranges? The island city of Singapore is home to Singapore Wake Park, which is an amazing cable-ski park sitting on a lagoon in the city’s East Coast Park. The facility beckons both novice and experienced skiers to experience a fun-filled and challenging time here.

Looking for a place to have a bite here? Head to Coastal Rhythm, which serves a variety of local and international cuisines. Singapore Wake Park is where you and your family needs to be for some high-energy adventure.

  • Where: Singapore Wake Park
  • When: 10 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 9 PM on weekends and public holidays
  • How much: You can visit the official bookings page to know about the rates

12. MegaZip flying fox

MegaZip flying fox Singapore

Your trip to Singapore will be incomplete if you don’t visit this haven for adventure lovers. If you wish to soar like an eagle, perhaps the MegaZip is where you should be. Your heart’s surely going to pound as you go seventy-meters high at a speed of sixty kilometres per hour.

It’s interesting to note that this facility is the first three-wire zip line in the city. You can race with your friends and family, immerse in an adventurous time at the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill or relax on the white sands of Siloso Beach.

  • Where: Sentosa Island
  • When: The last entry is at 6.45 PM
  • How much: $39.9 to $75

What to keep in mind when planning a day of adventurous activities in Singapore?

If you are planning an outdoor adventure in Singapore, do follow the tips below:

  • Always know what you can do. Knowing your limitations will help you choose the activities in Singapore that are best suited to you.
  • Conduct thorough research on the activity and the conductor in advance.
  • Make your concerns known to your fellow travellers if your choice of activity is potentially dangerous.
  • Dress appropriately. This will ensure that you get a hassle-free and comfortable experience.
  • Always remember health comes first. If you are feeling unwell, don’t force yourself to go for the activity. Let everyone know that you will stay back or come along but not participate in the activity.

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