Admiralty Park Playground – The Free Playground Paradise for Kids

Family Play Area, Admiralty Park Playground

There can never be a dearth of fun and adventure in Singapore. The island city houses some of the most exquisite gems that can put it in an enviable spot in the list of best family-friendly destinations in the world. If you are travelling with kids, you will have a long list of things to do and places to visit here. One of them is the Admiralty Park Playground. And guess what, this playground is absolutely free!

Nestled in Woodlands, Admiralty Park is the biggest park in North Singapore. The park is surrounded by hilly terrains and is drained by the Sungei Cina River. Not to forget, it is home to the largest natural area within a twenty-seven-hectare urban park. If you are looking for some thrilling adventure with your kids, this is the place to be because it stores about twenty-six slides, which is the highest compared to any park in the city.

Admiralty Park Playground
The park is HUGE! So, make sure you go to the West Entrance of the park (Near Republic Polytechnic)

Families with kids will never fall short of playground ideas in Singapore. But Admiralty Park will always hold a special place. You can find the longest and the widest slide in a public urban park here. The undulating terrain provides an ideal setting for the park’s three main play areas, namely Adventure Play, Junior Play and Family Terracing Play. All the play areas beckon children of different ages and feature a variety of playing equipment for enhanced interaction.

Besides, the Admiralty Park sports an inclusive playground, which provides the physical structure and game options to children with special needs. Also, senior citizens visiting the place can avail for wheelchair services to roam around the park comfortably.

How to get to Admiralty Park Playground?

Admiralty Park Playground, Map
Base map courtesy of NPark

If you are clueless about how to reach this Singaporean gem, then hold on. We have all the information put together for you here. You can reach Admiralty Park either by bus, MRT or car. The place is well-connected to some of the significant locations in the city. Here’s a quick rundown:

Location Bus Number/Underground Time Taken
West Mall Bus No. 187 and 903 1 Hour
Ang Mo Kio Hub MRT North-South line, align at Woodlands Station, then take bus 903 from the interchange. Align at Blk 18, Marsiling Lane (5 stops later).

Walk 402 m to Admiralty Park.


45 minutes
Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange MRT North-south line or  Bus 965, align 12 stops later.

Transfer to Bus 903 at Woodlands Interchange.

Align at Blk 18, Marsiling Lane (5 stops later).

Walk 402 m to Admiralty Park.

39 minutes

If coming by car, enter by the West Entrance Carpark along Riverside Road.

(Note: Do not park at North Entrance carpark as that is really far!)


Children visiting Admiralty Park are sure to discover some really fun-filled slides here. The plethora of slide options can prove a little confusing. So, here are the best picks for you:

1. Family Terracing Play

Family Play Area, Admiralty Park Playground

First on the list is Family Terracing Play, which takes the best advantage of the hilly terrain around Admiralty Park. Catering to the fun needs of older kids, the slide doesn’t require them to take the stairs while hopping from terrace to terrace. The cargo nets and orange tubes criss-cross the hillocks, providing a thrilling sliding experience. These slides are perfect for letting kids explore their mobility and acting a little creative and strategic while navigating them.

  • Where: Family Play area, Admiralty Park.
  • Best for: Kids between 5 and 12 years.

2. Double Barrel Slides

Double Barrel, Admiralty Park Playground

The Double Barrel Slides measure twenty-three meters long and nine meters tall, making them the longest and tallest slides in any public park in Singapore. A cable net runs between the two slides, allowing your kids to climb to reach the slide’s peak. Isn’t that cool? The alternative way is to reach the top after crossing multiple obstacles—something that racing kids would love. This is a slide that requires a good amount of agility on the part of your kids.

  • Where: Family Play area, Admiralty Park.
  • Best for: Kids between 5 and 12 years.

3. Waterfall Climber

Waterfall Climber Admiralty Park
Image source

If you are looking for something gentler than the Double Barrel Slides, then you should check out the Waterfall Climber. This wavy slide requires your kid to climb up multiple cargo nets, something that demands utmost tenacity from them.

  • Where: Family Play area, Admiralty Park.
  • Best for: Kids between 5 and 12 years.

4. High Adventure Roller Slide

The High Adventure Roller Slide is one of the highlights here! If your kids are bored after dark, take them to this fantastic slide, which is equipped with colour motion-sensor LED lights. The slide is about thirty-two meters high and is illuminated every evening. One of the slides goes thrillingly down the hill, while the other meanders smoothly in curves. Pros recommend that kids squat while moving down the slide to get more speed.

  • Where: Adventure Play area, Admiralty Park.
  • Best time to visit: Daily between 7pm to 10pm to see the LED lights.
  • Best for: Kids between 3 and 12 years.

5. Slides and swings in Junior Play Area

Junior Play Area - Admiralty Park Playground

The Junior Play Area of Admiralty Park caters mostly to families with kids in the age range of two and five years. This area is a little scaled down compared to the Family Play area. Here are a few slides you should definitely let your kids indulge in:

  • Singapore’s first family slide: As a family, you can hop on to this slide which can comfortably accommodate four people. You and your kids are sure to go “wheeee!” on it.
    Singapore’s first family slide
    Image source:
  • Expression swing: When it comes to swinging, this swing allows toddlers and parents to swing in tandem.
  • Wheelchair swing: This swing is designed to provide fun to kids both with and without physical disabilities. It’s rare to see something that brings both together. You should also check out the inclusive merry-go-round here.
  • The twin curved roller slide: This slide can pass off as the longest outdoor slide in a Singaporean urban park. Measuring about thirty-four meters, this slide is a must-visit when you are in the junior section of Admiralty Park.

The Nature Area

Besides kids, adults too can find some really exciting things to do in Admiralty Park. Here’s what they can do here:

  • Witness the natural mix

The diverse natural mix of the park is indeed a wonder to experience. The park is surrounded by mangroves, open grassland and riverine habitats, all of which provides shelter to more than a hundred species of flora and fauna. The nature-lover inside you will be brimming with happiness when visiting this part of the park.

  • Go on nature walks

If reinvigorating nature walks is what you are looking for, you should certainly add Admiralty Park to your list of Singaporean destinations. The sprawling park is contoured by several trails, all of which lead visitors to a whole new world. From observing monkeys in their natural habitats to spotting hordes of dragonflies, these trails open up a number of activities that you can enjoy in the lap of nature. You can download the walking trail guide here.

  • See some really interesting flora

    interesting flora admiralty park
    Photo Courtesy of NPark

The secondary forest surrounding the park is yet another charm of the place. You can exit from the forest near the car parking zone and relish the beauty of colourful butterflies and birds. Talking about flora, the walking trails provides you with a chance to witness some really interesting species, such as Hedgehog Rattan and Putat Kampung tree, which are known for their rarity.

Tips for families enjoying a day out at Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park is one of the best family and kids-friendly places to see in Singapore. But, in order to get a comfortable and hassle-free experience, you must follow a few tips. Here are they:

  • Reach there quickly: Since parking is a problem in any popular sightseeing spot, you should try reaching the place as early as possible. Admiralty Park gets jam-packed on weekends and public holidays. Hence, be an early bird. Republic Polytechnic and the parking zone (West Entrance) near Sakura Restaurant are good spots to park your vehicle.
  • Protect yourself from the heat: Although Admiralty Park is full of greenery and heritage trees, you may not find them enough to shade yourself. As such, it is recommended you prepare yourself for this in advance. Make sure you carry a hat, sunscreen lotion, towel and a bottle of water to cope with sunny conditions.
  • Keep snacks ready: You may be able to bear the hunger for a while, but will your kids be? Perhaps not. There’s only one Japanese restaurant in the vicinity of the park. This restaurant opens only at midday. So, it’s advisable to carry a few snacks for times when hunger creeps in.
  • Get your parenting tactics in place: If your kids and their cousins are tailing along, you may want to plan out your supervision strategy. You should divide tasks amongst yourself and decide who will be on duty. Take turns when it comes to supervising your kids. Make sure your kids are careful while playing on steep slopes and pathways.
  • Carry your personal hygiene kit: Even though the park is a world-class facility, complaints related to cleanliness of toilets have always existed. Hence, it’s recommended that you carry a bottle of sanitizer or a handwash. Also, make sure your kids apply a sanitizer after every slide ride.
Admiralty Park Playground laws
Observe the following regulations in the park.
Admiralty Park Playground regulations
Observe the following etiquette in the park.

The verdict here is clear: Admiralty Park is a must-visit for families. It’s the place where both kids and adults can have a memorable time together and strengthen the bonding between them. You can get a glimpse of this amazing slide park here.

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